Preventative & Reactive Car Park Gritting

Clearway Gritting have been providing Car Park Gritting services to both the public and private sectors in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, London and the South East for many years.

Due to the unusual nature of how car park top decks can freeze and therefore require gritting, our highly flexible approach means we understand that there are occasions when a more reactive service is required. We pride ourselves on being a gritting company that has this built in flexibility and can react promptly to emergency gritting requests.

Our car park gritting vehicles are always prepared and ready to go at very short notice, often within 1 hour of an initial request.

We provide car park gritting services for:

  • Council Car Parks
  • Company Car Parks
  • University Car Parks
  • Business Park Car Parks
  • Shopping Centre Car Parks

Our car park gritting clients are located across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, London and the South East with each client receiving specifically tailored services to meet their individual requirements.

We strongly believe in delivering highly adaptable and cost effective car park gritting services, whilst supporting the safety of our clients and the people around them. Ensuring you maintain ice free car parks will help to reduce your risk of accidents, especially your clients and employees.

How Top Deck Car Parks Freeze

It is not widely known that gritting the top deck of a car park can be required even when the ambient temperature is as high as 3 Degrees Celsius. Car Park gritting is hugely important factor to consider in the winter months as it forms part of the safe access for employees, clients and the general public but can catch companies out due to these unusual ice forming temperatures.

The diagram below helps to illustrate how this freeze process occurs:

Car Park Gritting Contractor