winter weather report

Winter Weather Watching

Throughout the winter season, most commonly between 1st November and 31st March, we monitor the weather 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week using the 'Met Office' together with other latest online forecasting systems.

Using your postcode we can receive an accurate local weather forecast for your region with actual and predicted air/ground temperatures for that night which we are then able to use to form our 'Ice Prediction System'.

If an ice-creating frost or snow is forecast or where wet road surfaces are expected to fall to or below 0° Celsius, we will warn you about the pending hazardous weather during the day so that a preventative plan of action can be put into place for that night. This information is passed onto you via email, phone, fax or sms text depending on client preference.

winter weather reporting companiesClearway Gritting fulfils its preventative salt spreading and winter gritting contracts between 6pm and 7am to ensure minimal disturbance to your business and maximum safety for staff and customers as they arrive.

If heavy snow falls during the day, reactive salt spreading and snow clearing may have to take place to ensure that your business is not interrupted by the adverse weather conditions.