If you run a business in Bedford or St Neot’s or you manage a supermarket, school, university, car park, retail or industrial parks or a shopping centre based in Bedfordshire or Huntingdonshire you will need to consider organising winter gritting to ensure your business can open in bad weather.

Clearway Gritting is a winter gritting contractor working with businesses in Bedford and St Neot’s

Clearway Gritting works with local Bedfordshire businesses from our Little Staughton depot. Our Bedfordshire winter gritting team are based only twenty minutes from central Bedford, so in bad weather our team can get to Bedford businesses on the B660. Little Staughton to St Neot’s is only seven miles and a fifteen minute journey in our gritting vehicles. We can also service St Neot’s and Huntingdonshire businesses from our Huntingdon depot in Cambridgeshire.

How Clearway Gritting can provide winter gritting for Bedfordshire private companies

Clearway Gritting is a winter gritting contractor that can provide a variety of winter gritting services to any Bedfordshire business, including any companies based in Bedford and St Neot’s. We work with private businesses and offer personalised winter gritting services. Most of our clients are primarily concerned with making sure their paths, private roads and car parks remain open in bad weather. We offer a 24 hour winter gritting service 7 days a week. We spread salt and grit in your car parks and clear snow and ice so your workers and customers can access your premises. We also deliver salt and grit so you always have enough during the winter months.

Bedfordshire businesses should choose a winter gritting contractor with a reliable winter gritting fleet

If you own a business in Bedford or St Neot’s or work in any other area of Bedfordshire you should always ensure that any winter gritting provider you employ has a reliable fleet of winter gritting vehicles that can be used to grit your business premises during bad weather. Using a good fleet of winter gritting vehicles is essential for winter gritting across Bedfordshire as there are many smaller country roads that we use to access client premises.

Clearway Gritting use spreaders and snow ploughs to service private businesses in Bedford and St Neot’s

The Clearway Gritting fleet is growing annually as we work from depots in Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire as well as Bedfordshire. We currently use19 spreaders and 54 snow ploughs when we grit and all these vehicles are located across our premises and regional depots. Our winter gritting and snow clearance machines are modern and well maintained to offer our clients preventative and reactive gritting reliability and efficiency.

Gritting Coverage in Bedford & St Neot’s

Bedford & St Neot’s Winter Gritting Coverage

Clearway Gritting support industrial parks in Bedford

Bedford Commercial Park - This 45 acre mixed use development provides industrial, distribution and business space in a landscaped park environment. It is located close to Bedford and the A421 and only seven miles east of junction 13 of the M1. It is also close to the A1 as it’s only 12 miles west of the Black Cat roundabout.

Huntingdonshire supports international businesses

St Neot’s is located in the historic county of Huntingdonshire close to the internationally important technology hub of Cambridge and the eco cluster in Peterborough. Huntingdonshire supports over 10,500 manufacturing jobs including research and development, design and manufacturing roles. It is also the base for several international businesses including ABB, Bosch and Hotel Chocolat.