Clearway Gritting Enfield Winter Gritting Services

Clearway Gritting is your local solution for safe and accessible roads, pathways, and premises during the winter months. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing reliable and efficient gritting services to ensure your Enfield based organisation can operate smoothly, no matter the weather.

About Enfield

Enfield, a vibrant borough in North London, is known for its diverse community, rich history, and thriving business environment. From the bustling town centre to the serene parks and open spaces, Enfield offers a unique blend of urban and suburban living.

However, the winter months can bring challenges, with snow and ice making it difficult for residents and businesses to maintain safe access. That’s where we come in.

Winter Gritting & Car Park Gritting Services for Enfield

Winter gritting is essential for a wide range of businesses in Enfield. Retail stores and shopping centres can ensure the safety of their customers as they navigate car parks and walkways, while also preventing potential liability issues due to slips and falls.

Office buildings can maintain a safe environment for employees, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring smooth operations without weather-related disruptions. Industrial sites benefit from keeping access roads, loading areas and car parks clear for continuous operations, protecting both the workforce and equipment from hazardous conditions.

Healthcare facilities can guarantee safe access for patients and staff, maintaining critical operations without weather-related interruptions. Educational institutions can provide safe walkways and access for students, staff, and visitors, ensuring uninterrupted learning and activities regardless of weather conditions.

Hospitality venues enhance the safety and comfort of their guests, preventing accidents that could affect reputation and operations.

Car parks require gritting to maintain accessibility and safety for vehicles and pedestrians alike. Transport depots benefit from clear access roads to ensure the smooth operation of logistics and transportation services.

Property maintenance companies can enhance their service offerings by ensuring that the properties they manage remain safe and accessible during winter months.

Gritting Coverage in Enfield

Enfield Winter Gritting Coverage

Why Choose Clearway Gritting Winter Gritting Services in Enfield?

When selecting a winter gritting maintenance provider, we recommend you consider a comprehensive service plan to fully meet your needs. The key factors you will need to consider include:

Experience and longevity of the winter gritting business

Clearway Gritting has been in the winter gritting business for over fifteen years, offering extensive expertise and reliability. A contractor's longevity in the industry is crucial, as it reflects their capability to handle various winter conditions effectively.

Proximity and accessibility to your business

It's important to choose a gritting provider located near your Enfield business. Clearway Gritting have easy and quick access for all businesses in Enfield and the surrounding areas.

Fleet reliability

A dependable fleet is essential for timely and efficient gritting. Clearway Gritting boasts an expanding fleet that currently includes 36 spreaders and 80 snow ploughs, ensuring your premises are well-maintained during adverse weather conditions.


Verify that your gritting contractor holds relevant accreditations. Clearway Gritting is ISO certified, which means our services meet international standards and have been evaluated by an external agency.

Guaranteed salt supplies

In case of severe winter conditions, it is vital to have a gritting contractor with guaranteed access to salt supplies. Clearway Gritting ensures that we are well-stocked, so we can continue providing our services without interruption, regardless of the weather.