We are proud to have the largest centralised fleet and range of gritters in the South East. Our fleet is expanding regularly, currently totalling 19 spreaders and 54 snow ploughs.

We have specific equipment for the snow clearing and gritting/salt spreading of narrow pathways and pedestrian areas to being able to cater for larger areas such as main roads, business parks and industrial areas.

small grit spreader

Our extensive range of gritting machines varies from hand held machines to 18 tonne H.G.V’s depending on the size and accessibility of the area to be gritted.

All our gritting machines have automated ‘in-cab’ controls allowing our skilled operators to alter spread width, salt application rate and direction of salt at all times during spreading, ensuring that every area of your site is gritted regardless of size or shape.

Fleet Benefits

  • 1 and 3.5 tonne trailed gritters for small sites.
  • 7.5 and 10 tonne gritting lorries for medium car parks and sites.
  • 18 tonne gritting lorries for large sites and roads.
  • Range of pavement gritters.
  • GPS tracking utilised on vehicles.
  • Weigh cells for accurate salt measuring.
  • Gritting equipment calibrated to British Standard BS 1622 1989 Class A1.
  • Low throw spreading discs with in cab controls for accurate spreading.
  • Every vehicle equipped with tablet device running bespoke service control software.
  • Health & Safety monitored and recorded per operator, per vehicle.
car park road gritting fleet