SUMMARY – A Trusted and Reliable Gritting Company

Clearway Gritting, one of the leading gritting companies in Hertfordshire, were contracted to the University of Hertfordshire based on a recommendation made to the University by the facilities director on a neighbouring Business Park. The University of Hertfordshire had been let down by their existing supplier’s inability to fulfil the contract whilst also failing to meet acceptable levels of customer service. Clearway Gritting is now contracted to manage the University of Hertfordshire’s full winter gritting and snow clearance requirements.

THE CHALLENGE – Develop A Comprehensive Gritting Schedule

  • To ensure the complete fulfilment of the contract at all times during the winter gritting season and provide a very high level of customer service throughout the contract.
  • To work closely with the University of Hertfordshire to develop an ‘Adverse Weather Procedure Manual’ drawing from Clearway Gritting’s expansive knowledge of winter maintenance.
  • To fulfil the primary aim – to provide safe and clear walkways and roads for all students and staff traversing the campus during periods of adverse weather.
  • To provide excellent communication throughout the contract with regular service updates during adverse weather highlighting any issues. Reports should then be presented to the students and staff via twitter highlighting any hazards or adverse weather.
  • To keep the University of Hertfordshire functioning during final exams throughout the winter months.

THE SOLUTION – The Adverse Weather Management Manual

  • Clearway Gritting successfully developed an ‘Adverse Weather Management Manual’ accessible to all staff and students.
  • To ensure excellent service delivery it was essential to write a full contract fulfilment plan for the provision of effective gritting and snow clearance across all of the eight large sites belonging to the University of Hertfordshire.
  • Communication formed part of an effective Customer Service Package including direct communication with the University every morning by 5am to provide service updates and to raise any issues that required alerts for all student and members of staff via twitter prior to their arrival on site.

THE RESULTS – Customer Satisfaction

Clearway Gritting have provided an excellent service substantiated by the fact that not a single exam to date has been delayed or cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. An important requirement of the contract was to provide excellent levels of Customer Service and we have successfully maintained levels of Customer Service to match our ‘going beyond’ internal standards set throughout the organisation.

“All the car parks and pavements cleared of snow and ice is down to the excellent works carried out by Clearway over the weekend. Many thanks again for being so pleasant and helpful – I will be using you as an example of excellent customer service for my own teams!”

Amanda Thorp, Director of Estates,
Hospitality and Contract Services, University of Hertfordshire