SUMMARY – Detailed Gritting Information

Technology is an essential tool for accurate forecasting and effective winter gritting. Clearway Gritting, one of Hertfordshire’s leading gritting companies, has made substantial investments and continues to invest to ensure we are at the forefront of service delivery and winter weather forecasting. Our grasp of the latest technology allows us to deliver the right gritting and snow clearance service at the right cost even with extremes of weather conditions and for Goodmans UK this was essential to winning the contract.

THE CHALLENGE – Supply Technology Based Gritting Information

  • To supply accurate applications of gritting salt to car parks, pedestrian routes and large stretches of unadopted roads/highways.
  • To ensure no landscaping/shrubs became damaged when applying salt.
  • To supply essential information to both Goodman and their customers via computer evidence should issues arise during periods of adverse weather.
  • To supply state of the art weather forecasting systems to accurately determine when and how to provide service.
  • To supply 2-5 day advance Met Office Forecasts for individual regions to enable the Business Parks to prepare for any adverse weather.

THE SOLUTION – State of the Art Gritting Equipment

  • Clearway Gritting use state of the art gritting vehicles correctly calibrated and set ensuring all machines will spread according to British Standard BS 1622 1989 Class A1.
  • All gritting vehicles are equipped with low throw spreading discs with in-cab controls to adjust spreading widths in instances when passing landscaped areas.
  • All vehicles are equipped with GPS technology to email the client once Clearway Gritting arrives on site to carry out service, offering peace of mind and quality control.
  • To employ the Met Office ‘Open Road’ for all weather forecasting, proven to be the most accurate to date.
  • To supply 2-5 day advance weather forecasts (now supplied to all clients) to pre-warn of any adverse weather allowing sufficient time to prepare.

THE RESULTS – Customer Satisfaction

Goodman UK have renewed contracts with Clearway Gritting across a number of Business Parks since 2003. Contracts have been renewed based on maintained high levels of service delivery and continual innovation in technology. This offers the client peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that Clearway Gritting is a proactive organisation making intelligent investment for the future.

“I would like to thank you for all your hard work gritting and snow clearing all the Business Parks over the last 3 weeks. I have received a lot of emails from customers thanking us for keeping their businesses running during all the heavy snowfall and it really is down to you and your team. Thank you so much!!”

Nichola Birch, Customer Support / Park Manager
UK Business Parks, Goodman UK Limited