First Snow forecast this weekend

Winter snow alert! – Does your business have a winter gritting contract?

Thursday 25 November, 2021

As we approach winter and forecasters predict snow in the South East this weekend, we recommend that you review your business winter gritting contract. If your company hasn’t put a contract in place yet, now is the time to call our winter gritting contractors on 01727 851837, for expert gritting advice.

Snow forecast over the next week

Temperatures are set to fall as we head into the weekend, as a cold blast of arctic air hits the UK. The long-range forecast also suggests this cold spell will continue for at least another month, up until Christmas. Snow has already fallen in the Highlands and forecasters are predicting that the rest of the country, including the North and the Midlands could see snow during the week.  

South East likely to see snow later this week

Forecasters are also currently predicting snow this weekend in the South East in London and other areas, so we are contacting clients to check that they are prepared for bad weather.  

How Clearway Gritting helps your business stay open in bad weather

It is important that you choose a gritting contractor who can deliver on their service contract in bad weather. Clearway Gritting offers a complete winter gritting service. Our six winter gritting teams working from depots situated across the South East can organise general winter gritting for all your business needs. We grit your company pavements and footpaths, carparks, and private roads. We work with any size of business, but specialise in gritting industrial and retail parks, hospitals, property maintenance companies, transport depots, supermarkets, universities, and a range of private businesses across a variety of sectors.

What type of winter gritting contract does your business need?

If your business is looking for a reliable winter gritting provider, please contact us on 01727 851837 for a free introductory chat to discuss your winter gritting options. We offer a variety of winter gritting packages to serve your company needs. 

Clearway Gritting operates across the South East so you will be able to locate a team close to your business premises. Our winter gritting operators work in Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex and North London.

Our trained winter gritting staff work from six winter gritting depots based in:

  • St Albans
  • Huntingdon
  • Harlow
  • Aylesbury
  • Milton Keynes
  • High Wycombe

How we assess your winter gritting requirements

If you are interested in finding out about our winter gritting services, please contact us and we will discuss the packages that we offer. We aim to provide your business with a personalised winter gritting service, so it is important we know what your business requirements are before we offer a price for our services. We work with a variety of businesses across many sectors and each client has specific requirements that are discussed with your local winter gritting team. 

Our standard winter gritting package is a five day a week winter gritting contract that ensures your business is serviced by one of our gritting teams, Monday-Friday during business hours. This allows your company to remain open during bad weather, and it enables your colleagues and customers to be able to park at your business premises during the working week. However, we also offer more comprehensive packages as some of our clients, for example hospitals and supermarkets require access to winter gritting services seven days a week, or even a 24-hours a day.

By purchasing these packages our clients have peace of mind that whenever the bad weather arrives our gritting teams will clear ice and snow and keep their business operations open. There are also cheaper pay as you go options that suit some private businesses. These contracts allow businesses to contact us when bad weather arrives, so we can clear their company car parks & pavements and grit their access roads.

In Summary...

Don’t wait until the winter to organise a gritting contract, be prepared, and set up a contract now. Call our experienced winter gritting contractors on 01727 851837 so your business can keep on operating effectively during the bad weather.

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