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Don’t get caught by unpredictable weather - set up winter gritting contracts

Tuesday 28 September, 2021

As we approach Autumn 2021, we contact clients to discuss their winter gritting requirements and we review their contracts ahead of the winter.  We work with a variety of businesses across the south-east, including universities, hospitals, supermarkets, and schools, and we also service many small and medium sized private businesses.

Set up a winter gritting contract and your business can remain open 365 days a year

If you haven’t got a formal winter gritting contract in place, contact your Clearway Gritting winter gritting contractor, and get a contract signed before the bad weather arrives.  Call our St Albans Head Office and speak to our gritting agents on 01727 851837.

Why your business needs a winter gritting contract?

Britain like the rest of the world is facing unpredictable global weather patterns because of global warming.  In recent years Britain has experienced periods of very heavy winter snowfall, such as the ‘Beast from the East.’ 

Is your business prepared for heavy snowfall?

Many businesses don’t prepare adequately so when heavy snowfall arrives their staff, customers or visitors can’t get to work, or park safely in the company car park.  When bad weather conditions hit the UK, we are inundated with calls from business owners needing help, but at this stage it is too late for us to offer support.  We ask our clients to sign up to flexible contracts so we can service them in bad weather.

Clearway Gritting’s flexible winter gritting contracts 

We offer a range of winter gritting contracts so your business can choose the most appropriate package. Below are examples of our flexible contracts, but it is also worth remembering that if you don’t currently want to sign up to our comprehensive gritting packages, Clearway Gritting can set up your business with a pay per visit winter gritting contract, so you have peace of mind that when the bad weather comes your business can carry on operating.

Clearway Gritting contracts include:

  • Five day a week winter gritting available – Monday to Friday cover only
  • Seven days a week – 24-hour winter gritting contract

Why choose Clearway Gritting to grit your premises?

Clearway Gritting is a family run winter gritting contractor but also the largest winter gritting provider in the south east.  Our winter gritting contractors operate from the following key locations, so you can be confident that your local winter gritting team is never more than thirty minutes from your premises.  

How we set up a Clearway Gritting contract

If you want to set up a winter gritting contract, you will get chance to meet your local Clearway winter gritting team. They will come and inspect your business, so you are confident they understand how you operate and what areas of your premises require gritting in bad weather.

Clearway Gritting can clear snow and ice from your paths, company car parks and private roads. We work alongside the county councils to clear snow and ice in bad weather. As we are a large gritting contractor, we have invested in the best gritting machinery available.

We purchase our winter gritting equipment from Econ Engineering Limited who are the UK’s largest manufacturer of salt spreading and winter gritting vehicles. We have a growing fleet of winter gritting vehicles with over 80+ snowploughs and 36+ spreaders that are located across our six winter gritting hubs.

We use a variety of vehicles to grit and clear premises, including our 3.5 tonne Vale Engineering trailed spreaders, six 7.5 tonne and two 14 tonne spreaders. If we are clearing very large sites for example hospital sites, we can also use our two 18-tonne lorries.

Anand Clarke, Operations Manager, Clearway Gritting, St Albans, Hertfordshire, said: 

‘I recently joined Clearway Gritting in June 2021. I have met our Clearway Gritting teams and spoken to many of our clients to organise our winter gritting schedule for 2021. All our clients are set up on different winter gritting contracts as we work hard to personalise individual contracts for each business. This is important as every business has different goals and objectives and we work hard to understand their individual needs.

The overriding feedback we get from our clients is how pleased they are to have their contract in place, as they view it very much like an insurance policy. They may not always need to have their premises gritted but when bad weather arrives, they know their local Clearway Gritting team will arrive and clear snow and ice from their business premises.

I would recommend that all southeast based small and medium sized businesses consider setting up a winter gritting contract now. If you don’t have a winter gritting contract in place and want to discuss your business needs, contact our St Albans winter gritting contractors on 01727 851837 for a free initial consultation.’

2021/2022 Winter Gritting In Summary...

Don’t be caught out by heavy snowfall this 2021/2022 winter. Set up a winter gritting contract now to ensure your business can operate 365 days a year.

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