Protect your colleagues and take note of ‘Gritting in Progress’ signs

Tuesday 18 January, 2022

Many people associate gritting with heavy snowfall, but in January our experienced Clearway Gritting teams are regularly going out in the cold weather to undertake gritting for business premises to prevent workplace accidents due to heavy frosts and icy conditions.

As the weather got colder in January, we got used to seeing ‘Gritting in Progress’ signs as we drove to work. It’s a signal to the local community that council gritters will be out, normally at unsociable times of the night to grit highways to prevent ice building up on main roads. However, Clearway Gritting teams are also out working with private, industrial, and commercial clients so the employees and customers of these businesses can come and go safely from their workplace in bad weather.  

Working with local councils to prevent accidents

Our Clearway Gritting teams work alongside the council gritting teams. The council gritters will clear the main highways, but we work with companies by gritting their company car parks, private roads, paths and access roads joining major highways to prevent icy conditions building up which cause accidents.  

Local experienced winter gritting teams

We are a regional gritter and the largest winter gritting contractor in the southeast. Our winter gritting teams are experienced and have worked with their clients for many years. Our teams are very familiar with our winter gritting vehicles and offer a professional gritting service whatever your requirements. Our gritting teams service clients from the following local depots:

  • St Albans
  • Huntingdon
  • Harlow
  • Aylesbury
  • Milton Keynes
  • High Wycombe

Gritting is essential to protect your staff and customers

In the same way the council gritting teams are employed to grit our highways to prevent traffic accidents, all businesses have a duty of care towards their employees and should ensure that their business premises are safe to walk round and drive through. It’s for this reason, many of our clients want to sign up for car park gritting. They have staff who must drive to work, and they need to be able to park safely. In recent years we have experienced heavy snowfall during the working day and our teams have come out to clear snow and grit from business premises so staff can get safely home. Many retail clients also rely on customers visiting their business, so maintaining a gritted car park is essential.

Review your winter gritting contract now 

It’s never too late to set up a winter gritting contract, we offer a variety of different types of winter gritting contracts to suit your business needs, just call us on 01727 851837 for more information. We can assist you if you want seven days a week contract, five days only or even pay per visit. The main issue is to get some type of winter gritting contract in place now, so if snow comes later this month or in February our gritting teams will come out to support your business. Remember if you don’t act now and just call us when the snow arrives it will be too late to set up a contract, and our winter gritting teams will be out servicing other clients. 

Clearway Gritting works with a variety of clients

We work with a variety of different private businesses. We grit large retail parks, hospitals, and industrial estates. However, we are also happy to work with smaller clients in a variety of sectors. Remember, if you already have a winter gritting contract now is the time to check it, to make sure your winter gritting contractor will come and grit your premises if ice, snow and frost is forecast. That is the only way you can guarantee the health & safety of your colleagues and customers.

In Summary...

Look after your workplace colleagues and customers and get a winter gritting contractor signed up to grit your business premises. Call us now on 01727 851837 and your local winter gritting team will come and assess your gritting requirements.

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