Why choose a dedicated winter gritting and snow clearance company?

Tuesday 14 November, 2023

Don’t risk being closed for a week this winter

As a business It is really tempting given the current economic environment to try and cut costs and not renew your winter gritting contract. However, our experience of bad weather shows you need to use the right team and the best equipment to keep your premises open. It’s not easy to effectively remove snow and ice and grit key paths, access roads and car parks so staff and customers don’t injure themselves. 

Remember, it’s your profitability that is affected if we have terrible weather conditions like the Beast from the East, so its’s important to choose the right company for your winter gritting and snow clearance services. You don’t want to have to close your business this winter. 

Clearway Gritting uses the best equipment to clear snow and ice

Clearway Gritting is a dedicated winter gritting and snow clearance business. We use equipment from UK manufacturers Econ Engineering and Vale Engineering to clear your premises of snow and ice. Econ are recognised as the largest winter gritting and salt spreading equipment maker in the UK, so you can be certain our gritting teams can quickly and effectively remove snow and lay grit whatever the weather. Our teams use Lorry, 4x4 and tractor mounted Vale heavy duty snow plough or Vale snow box attachments to remove snow in company car parks and on access roads. Vale snow ploughs are designed to make removing snow easy!

Clearway Gritting has local teams that will arrive in bad weather

We have gritting hubs in St Albans, Aylesbury, High Wycombe, Harlow, Huntingdon, and Milton Keynes. So, you should be confident that our winter gritting teams are never more than a 30-minute drive from your business. When we experience heavy snowfall, our teams will arrive and clear your premises. And, in really bad conditions the only vehicles out on the roads are snow clearance vehicles so an in-house maintenance team might not be able to get to work in a car.

Don’t run out of salt if you intend to do in-house gritting

If your in-house team grit your company premises, do you have enough salt supplies? It can be difficult to store salt bought in bulk. During the 2022/23 winter gritting season our Clearway Gritting teams used more 20% more salt than the previous winter season. This was due in part to the number of nights we went out when temperatures fell below zero, but also the extra amount of salt that was spread during the snow events. We have access to excellent salt suppliers and have the space at our gritting hubs to store several thousand tonnes when required. If the winter proves to be worse than expected and we have several weeks of heavy snow it is very easy for us to secure extra salt supplies.

Anand Clarke, Managing Director Clearway Gritting, St Albans, Hertfordshire said: 

‘It is not surprising given the current economic situation that some customers are choosing not to renew their winter gritting contract and asking their in-house grounds maintenance team to take it on instead. All we need is another Beast from the East or just a week of snow and any grounds maintenance team will struggle to effectively clear private premises. Businesses are then potentially forced to close for a time, or open with the risk that there could be an accident or an injury at work if customers or staff fall on ice. 

If you are worried about the cost of your gritting contract, call us now on 01727 640185 as we can work with you and offer you a personalised winter gritting contract. 

Although we offer 24/7 gritting packages for large hospitals, universities, and supermarkets some of our smaller businesses just want an ad hoc winter gritting package, and this is available too. It would give you peace of mind that if another Beast from the East arrives this winter, your business can remain open. 

Clearway Gritting established in 2005 is the largest winter gritter in the South East. Our winter gritting teams know each other well and have worked together for many years. We undertake annual refresher training in October before the gritting season, so we know everyone is confident using our snow removal equipment. If you choose us to manage your winter gritting your local Clearway team will be in touch so we understand your winter gritting requirements before bad weather arrives. 

Remember, we have many local clients and know the local roads and geography, so we’re never caught out in bad weather. It is our mission to provide the best gritting service to our clients in Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and North London.’

In Summary…

Call us for a quote for your winter gritting and make the health and safety of your colleagues and customers your company priority.

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