Variable UK winter weather makes a gritting contract essential

Monday 20 November, 2023

We have experienced unpredictable weather already this Autumn, as four named storms have hit the UK.  With winter just around the corner now is the time to organise a winter gritting contract or call your Clearway Gritting team to check that your current gritting contract is fit for purpose.

Weather forecast for November

November is predicted to continue as a relatively mild month this year, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be cold days ahead as weather systems pass over, and wind directions change pulling in colder conditions from the North and North-East. Whatever, the weather this Autumn, we recommend you contact our St Albans team and discuss our winter gritting packages before we experience ice at night and night-time temperatures fall.

More UK storms show the climate change impact

During the 2022/23 storm season we experienced Storms Antoni and Betty in August. Two other storms Otto and Noa, named by other metrological services also impacted the UK in spring 2023. However, already this year in September, October and November, four named storms have impacted the UK, Agnes, Babet, Ciaran and Debi. This is unusual and is evidence that climate change is impacting the UK weather systems.

Why climate change impacts your gritting decision?

In the 2022/23 winter gritting season Clearway Gritting teams made over 30% more site visits compared with previous years. Although the general view is that climate change is making our winters milder, the recent storms and the damage they caused demonstrates that our weather is becoming more unpredictable. 

In the 2022/23 winter gritting season we experienced several periods of exceptionally cold weather and heavy snow and ice. When bad weather arrives, our gritting teams are inundated with phone calls for help to remove snow and ice, but at this point it’s too late to sort a gritting contract. There were also many nights during last winter where temperatures fell below freezing. In these circumstances our winter gritting teams go out to our customers premises. We work with supermarkets, hospitals, schools, retail parks, industrial parks, or smaller private companies. We grit their access roads, paths, pavements, and company car park so their colleagues and customers can safely access their premises the following day.  

Why use Clearway teams to grit your business premises?

We are an established winter gritter, having over eighteen years’ winter gritting experience. We have several winter gritting teams located around the M25 in St Albans, High Wycombe, Harlow, Huntingdon, and Milton Keynes, so we can service small or large commercial businesses in Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Middlesex, and North London. 

We pride ourselves that your business is never more than a 30-minute journey from one of our teams, and as we use motorways and A-roads in bad weather we guarantee our teams can arrive at your business and will be able to clear any snow and ice from your company premises. 

We recently underwent our Clearway Gritting annual training at our St Albans head office to prepare our gritting teams for the winter gritting season ahead, and make sure all our colleagues are familiar with our snow ploughs and the snow clearing equipment we use. 

Most of our teams have worked together for many years and know their customers well. We make it a priority when you become a Clearway Gritting customer that our team gets to know your business and gritting priorities. 

Every customer is different and wants to prioritise gritting and snow clearance in different locations. We offer a variety of winter gritting contracts, both a seven day, a five day and an ad hoc contract, to satisfy the variety of businesses we work with, as many have differing budgets and requirements.

In Summary…

Don’t be caught out by the unpredictable winter weather, call our gritting head office on 01727 640185 to organise a call back with your local Clearway Gritting team to discuss your gritting needs.

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