Choose a gritting contractor with state-of-the-art snow clearance equipment

Wednesday 4 October, 2023

When you decide which winter gritting contractor to use, choose a gritter with modern gritting equipment. Clearway uses the best snow removing equipment, which is key to clearing your company car park, paths, private roads, and access routes.

Clearway uses tractors to effectively plough in bad weather

Generally, Clearway use tractors to plough as they are perfect for the job when fitted with a plough attachment. Ploughs are essential to winter gritting as they move snow to sensible areas of car parks and access roads to melt as the weather changes. The ploughs reduce the amount of snow on the ground to make gritting effective. If snowfall is heavy and continues to fall the salt which is added to melt the snow may not adequately mix with the snow so it will build up rather than melt.

It is critical that you check what gritting equipment your contractor uses. Your contractor should use modern snow ploughs and have enough of them so you are confident when snow falls heavily your contractor can access your business quickly to move snow before effective gritting can take place.

Why Clearway snow ploughs are suited to heavy snowfall

Clearway Gritting use the Vale snow box and the Vale heavy duty snow plough for snow clearance. The snow box is an adaptable clearing attachment for agricultural tractors. It is designed primarily for easily clearing snow from car parks, roads, and other hard standing areas for use at office premises, retail parks, and hospitality venues which require snow removal. The vale snow box has excellent mounting brackets and loader brackets, four abrasion resistant rubber wearing edges to protect the road surface as well as prolong the life of the snow plough. 

The Vale heavy duty snow plough can also be used by agricultural tractors and is adaptable as it can snow plough to the left and right or move snow in the middle of roads and highways. It also has abrasion resistant rubber wearing edges and is used to keep roads and highways open if snow is falling or after snowfall.

According to the Vale Engineering website: ‘Vale Engineering snow ploughs have been successfully used by local authority highway departments and independent snow control and winter maintenance contractors across the UK’

Our gritting teams are trained annually 

All our snow clearance team working out of our gritting hubs in St Albans, Aylesbury, High Wycombe, Harlow, Huntingdon, and Milton Keynes are trained to use our snow clearance equipment. In October each year they have annual refresher training so you have peace of mind that they can clear snow from your company premises during the winter months.

Observing major weather warnings

Our head office team in St Albans has signed up to a paid for service from the Met Office which gives us road surface forecasts and weather reports, and we continuously monitor the Met Office weather forecast so we know when heavy snowfall is imminent, and we can prepare our winter gritting teams to go out and clear heavy snow using our snow ploughs. 

Anand Clarke, Managing Director Clearway Gritting, St Albans, Hertfordshire said: 

‘Clearway Gritting always use the best and correct equipment for any winter gritting. The Vale snow plough we use with our agricultural tractors is also used by local councils for highway gritting, so our private customers should feel confident that these snow ploughs will work effectively to clear snow at their premises. 

During the last winter gritting season when we experienced heavy snowfall, snow ploughs were often used across multiple sites to clear snow so we could lay salt to melt the remaining ice and snow. 

As Clearway Gritting is the largest gritting contractor in the south-east, we use a variety of snow ploughs which are kept at our winter gritting hubs. As these are situated across the south-east you will always be less than 30 minutes away from one of our gritting teams, and we keep snow ploughs at all our gritting hubs.

We have a wide range of private customers and work for retail parks, business parks, supermarkets, private businesses, and universities across Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Essex, Cambridge, and North London.’

In Summary…

If you are looking for a winter gritting contractor, call our St Albans office on 01727 851837 for a gritting quote. Clearway Gritting uses modern winter gritting equipment so you know when snow is heavy your business can remain open.

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