Prepare for Winter's Chill: Clearway Gritting urges action as cold snap hits

Monday 27 November, 2023

With the first prolonged cold snap of the winter taking hold in the UK, the importance of proactive winter maintenance measures cannot be overstated.

Following the coldest night of the year so far, we remind businesses and property owners of the necessity to prioritise safety and accessibility during icy conditions. Leading Winter Maintenance company, Clearway Gritting, stresses the urgency of putting a winter gritting contract in place without delay. This article serves as a comprehensive resource for the latest news on current and forecasted weather conditions.

The chilling reality

With the mercury plummeting and frost setting in, the risk of accidents due to slippery surfaces increases significantly. The consequences of neglecting winter maintenance can be severe, ranging from injuries to disruptions in business operations. It's not just about being prepared for the cold; it's about ensuring that your property is equipped to handle the challenges posed by winter weather.

Swift action is key

Clearway Gritting emphasises the importance of swift action in implementing a winter gritting contract. Waiting until the last minute may result in unanticipated challenges, such as scheduling conflicts or falling back to a Grounds Maintenance company to provide services using inferior equipment. By acting promptly, property owners can secure their place in our schedules for dedicated winter maintenance services, ensuring that their premises are promptly and effectively treated during adverse weather conditions.

Why choose a dedicated winter maintenance company

Not all gritting services are created equal. Clearway Gritting stands out as a dedicated Winter Maintenance company with a wealth of experience and state-of-the-art equipment. Choosing a specialised service provider ensures that you receive the highest level of expertise and reliability in tackling winter weather challenges.

State-of-the-art equipment matters

Clearway Gritting invests in the best equipment to guarantee optimal results. From high-capacity grit spreaders to cutting-edge weather monitoring technology, our arsenal is designed to handle diverse winter conditions. Using the latest equipment not only enhances the efficiency of gritting operations but also contributes to minimising environmental impact.

Proactive vs Reactive approach

Waiting until the winter weather is in full swing to address maintenance needs can be costly and less effective. Clearway Gritting advocates for a proactive approach, where properties are prepared well in advance. By establishing a winter gritting contract now, property owners can rest assured that they are taking the necessary steps to safeguard their premises and the people who use them.


As the first prolonged cold snap of the winter takes hold, it's time to act.

Anand Clarke, Managing Director Clearway Gritting, St Albans, Hertfordshire said:

“Clearway Gritting urges businesses and property owners to prioritise winter maintenance by putting a gritting contract in place without delay. By choosing a dedicated Winter Maintenance company with top-tier equipment, you not only enhance safety but also ensure a smooth and uninterrupted operation during challenging winter weather. Stay ahead of the freeze – your property and those who depend on it will thank you.”

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