How unpredictable winter weather can impact your business profits

Monday 4 September, 2023

Why is our winter weather now SO unpredictable?

The Met Office information below showing the mean winter temperature is particularly interesting as it shows so much variety across the winter months of 2022/23. Our climate is changing, and our winters are still cold and unpredictable. Even if we don’t get snow in winter this article explains how the cold weather can cause havoc for businesses and individuals who don’t have a winter gritting contract.

UK mean winter temperatures in 2023

Read the full Met Office Season Assessment Winter 2023

Don’t delay – call Clearway today to discuss protecting your business against cold weather

Given our experience during the 2022/23 winter gritting season we recommend any business without a gritting contract, calls our head office as soon as possible on 01727 851837. We can offer a variety of different winter gritting contracts to suit your business needs. The key issue is to call ahead of the winter months as we generally finalise our customer gritting contracts before October each year.

Why was the weather so cold in December 2022?

Last winter the first half of December was unseasonably cold, and this prolonged cold snap lasted an average of 16 days. The Met Office chart shows the average temperatures between 1991 and 2023 and on at least 8 nights in the first two weeks of December the temperature fell below freezing. The moisture in the air was so cold that it froze as frost on trees. It made for amazing photos but had a devastating impact for any business that didn’t have a gritting contract in place as this extended cold snap froze the ground, pavements, car parks, private roads, and pathways solid. However, the situation was made worse when snow fell after the cold spell. When snow hits frozen ground the worst possible winter weather mix ensues.

Anand Clarke, Managing Director, Clearway Gritting, St Albans, Hertfordshire said: 

“The weather conditions we described during December 2022 are treacherous. For those businesses without effective winter gritting service contracts in place, mayhem ensued. Businesses had to close to avoid skids, slips, falls, and injury to staff and customers. 

During December we were inundated with phone calls and emails from private businesses who hadn’t got a gritting contract. They were concerned because their customers and staff couldn’t access their company car park, as they couldn’t park or come to work safely some of these businesses had no alternative but to shut on several days during December.

Unfortunately, we can’t set up a gritting contract during periods of bad weather as all our Clearway Gritting teams are busy out gritting our customers premises.

As the largest gritter in the South East we have a variety of customers who use our gritting services. Some customers are small private businesses, but we also work for retail parks, industrial parks, hospitals, schools, and supermarkets. Whatever size business you work for give us a call as we can tailor a winter gritting package to your needs.”

Clearway Gritting teams made more site visits in 2022/23

Clearway Gritting teams made over 25,000 site visits during the 2022/23 winter gritting season, approximately 30% more than the previous year.

This was due to the unpredictable December weather continuing into the New Year. The UK weather is becoming more unpredictable because of climate change. Snow fell this year when global warming suggests temperatures should be increasing. Night temperatures were particularly low this winter which meant our gritting teams were out more frequently causing the record number of site visits.

Anand Clarke, Managing Director, Clearway Gritting, St Albans, Hertfordshire continued: 

“With unpredictable weather conditions likely to continue, it really does pay to put a gritting contract in place at your earliest convenience. 

We offer pay as you go contracts which will give you peace of mind that if we experience bad weather again our gritting teams will come and grit your premises and your business can stay open. 

Following last year’s winter chaos, new clients booked up very early for the 2023-2024 winter gritting season.

If you need gritting advice, call me on 01727 851837 and I can talk about the requirements for your business. We appreciate that all businesses are different and have unique needs.

We have gritting teams in St Albans, Aylesbury, High Wycombe, Harlow, Huntingdon, and Milton Keynes. If you choose Clearway Gritting to grit your business premises, you will get to meet your local gritting team so you will feel comfortable about who you are letting on site. Our teams should come out and assess your premises before the winter, so they know what they must do to always keep your business open through the 2023/24 gritting season.”

In Summary…

Don’t be caught out by unpredictable winter weather this year. If you want to change your existing contractor or don’t have a gritting contract in place, call our gritting team now on 01727 851837 to discuss how we can help.

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