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Monday 4 January, 2021

If your business needs a local winter gritting company, contact Clearway Gritting on 01727 851837 for a personalised gritting quotation.  

Our teams offer value for money gritting contracts. We work with a variety of clients in different sectors including retail, education, health, manufacturing and construction.

Largest regional gritting company in the south east

Clearway Gritting is the largest gritting company operating in the south east, established in 2004. We can offer gritting discounts because of the density of clients in local areas where we operate.  

With a head office in St Albans our experienced teams operate from the following hubs and they are never more than a 30-minute journey from their clients.  

Our gritting company employs local experienced teams in snow clearance

Most of our Clearway Gritting colleagues have worked together for many years. We don’t outsource our gritting to other gritting companies but make sure all our team are trained and can operate our gritting machinery effectively. We operate annual refresher training for all our gritting colleagues. Our local gritting teams work closely with our clients and have developed strong mutual working relationships. 

If you employ our gritting company, you will get to know the team that works at your premises as we offer a personal gritting service for all our clients. Our knowledgeable teams know their local gritting area, the main roads and physical features in the area, so they are well placed to know when they need to go out and grit your business premises.  

We operate a safe and environmentally friendly gritting service. We achieved the ISO 18001 accreditation so colleagues would be reassured that we take health and safety seriously. The International Standards Organisation (ISO) is an external agency that rates all industries on their individual Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental performance, which ensures that appropriate policies and procedures are implemented and adhered to.

How our gritting company clears your company premises from snow and ice

When you employ us as your winter gritting contractor we will come and visit your premises, so we understand the layout of your company buildings or offices. We will review your grounds and access roads and paths so we know what machinery we can use to clear snow and ice. The main focus of our winter gritting tends to be the company car park as all your staff and customers have to be able to drive in and out safely at all times.

We organise your local Clearway Gritting team to clear frost, ice and snow from your company premises and grit your company car park. We also grit your pavements and private access roads that link with the main roads that the councils maintain, and we can provide you with a salt bin.

Modern snow clearance and gritting machinery

Clearway Gritting teams work from dedicated local depots with modern highly maintained winter gritting and snow clearance machines. Our gritting company uses the best gritting equipment so you can be assured that we can clear snow and lay grit at your company premises in any weather. 

Our reliable and well-maintained winter gritting equipment is manufactured by Econ Engineering Limited who are the largest manufacturer of winter gritting and salt spreading vehicles in the UK. 

We have a growing fleet of 80+ snowploughs and 36 spreaders. Our main spreaders are 3.5 tonne Vale Engineering trailed spreaders and we also have six 7.5-tonne, two 14-tonne and two 18-tonne lorries that can be used to grit larger premises.

Personalised gritting contracts for business premises

Our gritting company offers a variety of winter gritting contracts so you can choose one that is right for your company. Please contact our gritting team in St Albans on 01727 851837 to discuss your individual requirements.  

Our team will ensure you stay open at all times if you take our comprehensive seven days a week 24-hour winter gritting service. If we get a repeat of the ‘Beast from the East’ this winter, you will have peace of mind that your premises will be open for employees or customers.

Our five day a week winter gritting package will cover your business Monday – Friday only.  

We also offer a pay per visit contract which is cheaper but will allow your business to stay open in bad weather.   

How we grit your company premises

It is commonly called ‘grit’ but what Clearway Gritting use to grit your premises is actually rock salt or marine salt. We spread this in advance of snowfall. and it forms a saline solution and lowers the chances of snow and ice developing. By using the salt, we reduce the requirement to clear snow. We make sure that we always order enough salt supply to last us over the winter gritting season.

In Summary...

If you are looking to employ a gritting company this winter choose Clearway Gritting. Call our winter gritting team on 01727 851837 for a free initial consultation to discuss your gritting requirements for 2021.

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