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What are the benefits of a Clearway winter gritting contract?

Thursday 6 May, 2021

Now we are in spring and the chance of getting bad weather recedes it is tempting to stop your winter gritting contract, but we recommend that you keep your contract running the whole year, as we can’t guarantee that we can service your business otherwise.

You may not know, but it’s statistically more common to snow at Easter than at Christmas!

Because Easter moves between March 22 and April 25 and snow falls, on average, 4.3 days in March and 3.9 days in December it really does snow at Easter, it did this year! 

We appreciate that due to the pandemic some businesses have had to close or furlough staff, but your business premises need to be operating when life returns to normal.

Why take out a winter gritting contract with Clearway Gritting

Our winter gritting contracts are tailored to our business customers.  Whether you are a small private business, rent business premises, operate on an industrial park or a retail park, manage a supermarket, university or a hospital you will need assurance that you can stay open in bad weather.  It is important to anyone who works at your business or visits your company that your car park, private access roads and paths will be free of ice and snow.  If you don’t take out a winter gritting contract you will not be able to guarantee that your customers and staff can park safely and easily every day.

Our choice of winter gritting contract

We offer a variety of winter gritting contracts so you can set up the right contract for your business.  At Clearway Gritting we like to offer you a personalised winter gritting service so please let us know what services you require.  We offer a five day a week winter gritting package that covers your business on Monday-Friday only.  This is perfect for many offices that are closed over the weekend.  For retail customers, supermarkets, universities and hospitals requiring winter gritting round the clock we offer a comprehensive seven days a week, 24-hour winter gritting service.  Alternatively, we can also set up a more limited pay per visit gritting contract.  This is a cheaper service but will give you peace of mind that our gritting teams will visit in bad weather.

How we tailor our winter gritting contracts to your business

If you take out a winter gritting contract with one of our Clearway Gritting teams you will get to know your local gritting team.  As we have several gritting hubs across the south-east your winter gritting team will never be more than 30 minutes away, so you can be assured that we can get to you easily whatever the weather.  Our teams will come and assess your business and work with you to keep areas free from ice and snow, and we will discuss winter gritting to prevent you having any accidents at work.

We provide winter gritting from the following key locations in the south east

Andrew Sherrif, Director, Clearway Gritting, St Albans, Hertfordshire said: ‘I always recommend that businesses review winter gritting as part of their business continuity plans, and there is no better time to organise this than the summer.  If you haven’t got a winter gritting contract in place for your business, please contact me on 01727 851837 and I will review your individual business requirements and offer winter gritting options. It is important to remember that if you call us just before snow is forecast it is often too late to organise winter gritting for your business.  It’s important that you plan ahead and organise a contract now.  We are the largest winter gritting contractor in the south east and can offer all businesses significant discounts because of the large number of local clients we work with in different areas. Our winter gritting teams use over 80+ snow ploughs and 36 spreaders between our various gritting hubs. These machines are supplied by Econ Engineering Limited who is the largest manufacturer of winter gritting and salt spreading equipment.’

In Summary...

Don’t be tempted to stop your winter gritting contract as you may need the Clearway Gritting team next winter.  If you don’t yet have a winter gritting contract, call us for a personalised quote.

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