Clearway Gritting teams are already planning for the winter - call our team on 01727 851837 for more information

Clearway Gritting teams are already planning for the winter - call our team on 01727 851837 for more information

Summer is a good time to sign up a winter gritting contractor

Wednesday 29 July, 2020

It is the middle of July it’s unlikely that you will be thinking about winter, however, now is the time to organise a winter gritting contractor. At Clearway Gritting, we are already planning our winter gritting schedule and believe that the summer months are the best time for a business to reassess their gritting plans or review their winter gritting contractor to make sure they are still fit for purpose. 

What should you look for in a winter gritting contractor? 

It is important to have a winter gritting contract in place. When the UK suffered from the effects of the ‘Beast from the East’ two years ago, businesses that hadn’t organised winter gritting contracts were forced to close because of heavy snowfall. Many of their employees and customers couldn’t drive to work or park at their company offices. 

How to choose a reliable winter gritting contractor?

It is important to choose a gritting contractor that will provide efficient and reliable service for your company. To assist any business looking to set up winter gritting maintenance contract, Clearway Gritting has established a five-point service plan that includes key issues you should discuss with any gritting company you employ. 

Length of time in business

Clearway Gritting has the largest centralised fleet and range of winter gritting vehicles in the south east of England. It is important to find out how long a business has been operating to ensure that your winter gritter has relevant experience. Clearway Gritting has been operating for over sixteen years and during this time our winter gritting teams have specialised in retail park gritting, industrial parks, hospital gritting and general winter gritting for private companies. We grit pavements, footpaths, carparks and private roads for businesses to ensure our clients can keep open during any bad weather.

Gritting Premises

Before you set up your winter gritting maintenance contract it is important you visit your gritting provider’s premises. Organise a meeting and review how their gritting operation works and check that their winter gritting teams can service your business in bad weather.  

Clearway Gritting is based in St Albans, Hertfordshire and operates from a further five other winter gritting sites in the south east: 

Winter Gritting Fleet

Your winter gritting provider should have a reliable fleet of winter gritting vehicles that can be used to grit your business premises during bad weather. The Clearway Gritting fleet is expanding rapidly and currently totals 36 spreaders and 80+ snow ploughs. 

ISO Accreditation

Check that your winter gritting maintenance provider has the International Standard Organisation (ISO) accreditation which shows the gritting contractor has been rated by an external agency. Clearway Gritting has been awarded the ISO in: Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety.  

Guaranteed Salt supplies for gritting

The ‘grit’ Clearway Gritting spreads in company car parks, pavements and on roads is actually rock salt or marine salt although more commonly called ‘grit.’ If you are looking to set up a winter gritting maintenance contract check what salt your provider uses and make sure they have enough salt supplies to last them over the winter gritting season. 

Why choose Clearway Gritting to grit your company car park and access roads this winter? 

Clearway Gritting is a family owned business with considerable winter gritting experience. Our business is renowned for its reliability and efficiency. Clearway Gritting provides our clients with high quality salt and an exceptional winter gritting service. Clearway Gritting can provide winter gritting for your business even in challenging winter weather conditions.

Peter Boniface, Operations Manager, Clearway Gritting, St Albans, Hertfordshire, said: 

‘We recommend you use our five-point service plan when you choose your winter gritting maintenance provider.  It will allow you to choose a gritting contractor who can deliver on their service contract in bad weather. Remember to choose a gritting company that can organise general winter gritting for all your business needs, including gritting for pavements and footpaths, carparks and private roads. The gritting company you choose should have a modern gritting fleet with roadworthy modern machines. If your business is looking for a reliable winter gritting provider, please contact us on 01727 851837 for a free introductory chat to discuss your winter gritting options. We offer a 24-hour seven day a week service and a five day a week winter gritting option and other gritting packages. Clearway Gritting operates across the south east of England so there is always a team located close to your business. We operate in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex and North London.’

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