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Our Clearway gritting teams in the south east prepare for winter gritting season

Thursday 8 October, 2020

As the nights draw in and we approach winter our Clearway Gritting teams are getting prepared for the 2020 winter gritting season

Annual refresher training organised for all our team in October 

Snow can fall as early as November, so we organise our annual refresher gritting training in October at our St Albans, Hertfordshire head office. We get everyone together from our five gritting depots, so they can re-familiarise themselves with our vehicles and practice driving the spreaders and gritting vehicles. We don’t outsource any of our winter gritting, we always use our own staff to grit your business premises, retail unit, school, supermarket, hospital or university.  

Clearway Gritting grits business premises from several local bases in the south east

Clearway Gritting is the largest winter gritting contractor in the South East of England. Our winter gritting teams operate from the following hubs and our head office is in St Albans. 

At Clearway Gritting we have established winter gritting teams 

As a regional gritter we work closely with all our local gritting teams. Many of our winter gritting staff have been employed by Clearway Gritting for many years, so they are familiar with our winter gritting vehicles. For any new staff the annual training is an essential part of learning how we provide our clients with effective winter gritting, understanding our procedures, routes and gritting processes. We also discuss Health & Safety issues with our staff, as it can be dangerous heading out to grit premises in bad winter weather.

Peter Boniface, Operations Director, Clearway Gritting St Albans, Hertfordshire said:

‘Our annual refresher training is a good opportunity for all our local winter gritting teams to get together before the winter gritting season to discuss how we will work together in bad weather. At our annual training day we review all our clients and discuss their premises and location. Our winter gritting teams are never located more than 30 minutes from our client premises so you can be reassured that you are using a local winter gritting contractor. As we work from various depots our service delivery staff will understand the local area it’s physical characteristics and local weather idiosyncrasies. We take our responsibility for looking after our staff very seriously and achieved the OHSAS18001/ISO45001 accreditation so colleagues would be reassured that we operate a safe and environmentally friendly winter gritting service. For more information on the advantages of choosing a local winter gritting company read: Choose a local gritting contractor. We recommend any business that doesn’t already have a winter gritting maintenance schedule in place call us on 01727 851837 to discuss how to keep their business open in bad weather.’

Winter Gritting Routes – How do our teams work together?

Clearway Gritting works with private businesses including industrial parks, retail parks, supermarkets, universities and hospitals. We work with our winter gritting clients to make sure their customers and staff can get to and from work. Our priorities are to grit and clear the company car park, remove snow and lay grit on company footpaths and grit private roads that link the business with the council gritted road system.

Peter Boniface, Operations Director, Clearway Gritting St Albans, Hertfordshire continued:

‘Although most of our gritting team will be familiar with our winter gritting vehicles, at our training day new staff get to practice driving one of our growing fleet of 80+ snowploughs. We also use 36 spreaders across our five depots which consist of using 3.5 tonne Vale trailed spreaders, 7.5 tonne Econ lorries, 14 tonne Econ lorries or the two 18-tonne lorries that can grit larger premises or take on work further away. We use modern well-maintained winter gritting equipment manufactured by Econ Engineering Limited who are the largest manufacturer of winter gritting and salt spreading vehicles in the UK.’ 

In Summary…

If you want to employ a local gritting contractor in the south east who is located thirty minutes from your business, call us now on 01727 851837 to discuss the different winter gritting deals we offer.

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