Met Office 2022 Winter Weather Prediction

Don’t bet against a cold winter – Organise your winter gritting contract now

Wednesday 9 November, 2022

Although we have experienced seasonally warmer weather in 2022 there is no doubt that climate change is making it more difficult to predict weather patterns. At Clearway Gritting we recommend you sort your winter gritting contract as soon as possible, to make sure you get your company premises gritted, and you have a plan if bad winter weather hits the UK.

Cold snaps forecast by Met Office

According to an October 2022 blog by the Met Office this winter, ‘we are likely to see a higher incidence of northerly airflows, preventing mild, moist air flowing to the UK from the Atlantic Ocean and increasing the potential for cold snaps with some threat of snow and ice.’

Clearway Gritting offer local winter gritting 

Clearway Gritting is the largest gritting contractor in the South East. As we have operated locally for 18 years, we have built up really good relationships with our clients, who trust us with their winter gritting.   

Gritting your business premises 

We can offer you gritting for all your requirements. We grit the company car park so your customers and colleagues can park and get home easily. We remove snow and ice from access roads to ensure cars don’t slip or are involved in accidents on black ice. We will also provide salt bins and spread salt on paths and remove snow so everyone can move around your business premises safely. All businesses have a duty of care towards their staff, so it is important to have a business continuity plan for bad weather.

Who does Clearway Gritting work with?

We work with a variety of different sized businesses throughout the south-east. We keep industrial estates, retail parks, shopping centres, hospitals, universities, and schools free of snow and ice. We work with businesses that work across many different sectors. As each business will be located no more than 30 minutes from one of our hubs, if you sign a winter gritting contract with Clearway Gritting you will get to know your local gritting team and have peace of mind that the team isn’t located far from your business. 

Clearway Gritting employs experienced local gritters

We don’t outsource any of our gritting contracts, so you get to know the team working on your account. We provide annual refresher training for all our winter gritting colleagues giving them the opportunity to test out our gritting machinery and prepare for the winter.

Where are our gritting teams based during the winter months?

Our winter gritting teams work alongside council gritters. We have gritting teams operating in most counties in the southeast. Our head office is in St Albans, but we also operate from the following hubs:

Anand Clarke, Operations Manager, Clearway Gritting, St Albans, Hertfordshire said:

“During the Autumn our experienced gritting teams working out of our six gritting hubs contact our clients to check their requirements for the winter, so they know when to expect us if snow and ice are forecast.

We recommend if you haven’t got a winter gritting contract that you call us on 01727 851837 so we can review your requirements and offer you a bespoke winter gritting package.

We offer a variety of winter gritting options, from 24 hour a day gritting, 7 days a week cover to an ad hoc service for clearing snow and ice. Our gritting teams have worked together for many years and are familiar with our winter gritting machinery.

We recommend you choose your winter gritting contractor carefully so you are confident they can provide you with the service you sign up for.

While we experience Autumn rain and temperatures are mild now is a good time to organise your winter requirements with your local winter gritting contractor. Remember it is too late to organise a winter gritting contractor once the bad weather arrives, as our gritting teams in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire will be out helping our clients keep their business open.

In Summary…

If your business wants a reliable winter gritting contractor, call us now on 01727 851837 to discuss different types of contracts, and sort your gritting requirements before the bad weather arrives.

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