Too Hot to Snow

Plan your winter gritting requirements while the sun is shining

Friday 29 June, 2018

Having just passed the summer solstice we are now officially in summer, but it’s unlikely that winter gritting will be at the forefront of your mind! 

How is our gritting company planning ahead for the winter gritting season

As we are now in the second half of the year Clearway Gritting is working hard to plan for the winter gritting season, and we recommend it’s a good time for all businesses to reassess their winter gritting requirements.  

Andrew Sherriff, Director Clearway Gritting, St Albans, Hertfordshire said:

‘We often get businesses contacting us during the summer months to discuss our availability for winter gritting. Although we are based in St Albans we get a lot of enquiries from different types of businesses across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex and London calling us about winter gritting as we work with different clients across the South East. Some businesses may have used us before and want to renew their contract. Other businesses may have moved location and want to discuss how we can assist them with a gritting plan for their new premises. Others may contact us because they realise that given the severity of the winter last year and the difficulties that the snow caused with the ‘Beast from the East’ it may be prudent in terms of business continuity to have a winter gritting strategy in place.’

Call Clearway Gritting for a free winter gritting estimate

Andrew Sherriff, Director Clearway Gritting, St Albans, Hertfordshire continued:

‘Representatives from our gritting company are happy to come and visit your premises to review the winter gritting packages we offer. We work with you to decide how much gritting your premises require. Clearway Gritting complements the council’s winter gritting plan for the major roads by gritting private roads, paths, gritting carparks and access roads that must remain accessible so your colleagues can get to work. With less than six months to go before the possibility of the first snowfall if your business is looking for a local gritting company we recommend you contact us on 01727 851837 for a free initial consultation and assessment.’ 

How a gritting company prepares for the winter gritting season

At Clearway Gritting we use the summer months to prepare for the winter gritting season. This involves analysing how many gritting vehicles we think we will need for the following season. How much salt we may use on the roads this winter, and how many drivers and support staff our gritting company needs to complete all the gritting over the winter season.

Last year we used on average 3,000 tonnes of salt in different winter months. We gritted over 25,000 sites.  On bad winter evenings when it snowed Clearway Gritting typically had thirty four drivers and support staff working to keep our clients access routes clear. Overall our vehicles travelled 115,000 kilometres during the winter months. We are now using these statistics to carefully plan our winter gritting schedule for winter 2018/19. We are currently reviewing long-range weather forecasts to predict weather patterns as this also affects how we plan our resources to deliver our winter gritting schedule to our clients.’

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