Is your business prepared for snow in March?

Sunday 5 March, 2023

Cold weather forecast for first week of March

The Met Office have issued an “Alert and readiness warning” across the East of England (which includes Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, and Cambridgeshire). The warning states that there is a high probability of severe cold weather, icy conditions and even heavy snowfall between Monday 6th March and Thursday 9th March across England. Conditions for the next week are certainly cold, and mid-week temperatures are likely to fall below freezing.

Clearway Gritting forecast bad weather

In our article ‘Clearway Gritting undertake preventative gritting to minimise reactive callouts’ we discuss the possibility of getting bad weather this March. If your private business doesn’t have a gritting contract, or you want to change your contractor call us on 01727 851837, before bad weather arrives next week. 

Winter gritting teams out in spring 2022

Last year our winter gritting teams were called out to treat our client’s access roads, paths, and car parks in March, so our Clearway gritting teams are used to being called out in ‘spring’ and understand how the lengthening winter gritting season affects call outs.

Why is the gritting season extending? 

Some potential clients are sceptical about paying for a winter gritting contract as they believe there is less need for it because of global warming. However, the December cold snap at the start of winter and another period of cold weather now in spring confirms how unpredictable our weather is. This bad weather justifies why we have recently extended our gritting season from the original three winter months.

Why set up a gritting contract?

We work with a variety of different sized private businesses covering a range of sectors, including healthcare companies, retail, and industrial units. The health and safety of employees and customers is an important factor for business owners and managers and is a major consideration when organising a gritting contract. Since the pandemic more colleagues have returned to work at their workplace, and businesses are getting regular customers and visitors arriving at their head office again. There has been a big focus on arranging a wInter gritting contract that focuses on clearing snow and treating ice on main access roads and key paths to prevent slippage accidents. 

Let Clearway Gritting clear and grit your company car park

The business company car park is also a key element of any gritting contract. Businesses employ Clearway Gritting because they know our teams use the best snow clearance equipment, and we always purchase enough salt, which we use to grit a car park in icy weather. Having the company car park always fully functional is vitally important for all businesses, and preventing accidents during the cold snap is equally important.

Anand Clarke, Operations Manager, Clearway Gritting, St Albans, Hertfordshire said:

 ‘We have found when discussing gritting contracts with businesses, how damaging a week of bad weather can be for their profitability, so we recommend if they haven’t got a gritting and snow clearance contract in place to set one up with a reliable local gritting contractor like Clearway Gritting. We encourage our clients to treat their winter gritting contract like an insurance policy. We hope we won’t have to visit your business, but if bad weather is forecast, as it is next week, you can relax knowing your local Clearway Gritting team is on standby. We offer businesses a variety of different gritting contracts but the simplest and cheapest, pay as you go contract allows your business basic cover to keep your business open when you need it. As the largest gritting contractor in the South East of England, we guarantee that your business will only be located 30 minutes from your local winter gritting team. When you set up a Clearway Gritting contract, your local gritting team will visit your premises to look at your business and discuss your requirements. That way you will always know who is gritting your premises.  

In Summary…

It’s not too late to call our new business team on 01727 851837 to arrange a gritting contract so your business can operate effectively in bad weather.

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