Don’t be complacent about cold weather - Review your gritting contract now

Tuesday 26 March, 2024

It’s important to regularly review your gritting contract to make sure you have the right winter gritting contract organised for your circumstances. As we head into spring it’s easy to forget about winter weather. But don’t be complacent. Review your gritting contract now so you have peace of mind. When bad weather hits at the end of the year, you need to be confident the gritting contractor you choose will keep your business open.

Clearway Gritting - your local winter gritting contractor

At Clearway Gritting we review contracts with our customers in spring and summer to ensure they have the right winter gritting contract set up for their business. We work with a variety of different sized private businesses. Our largest customers include multi-site retail parks, industrial parks, supermarkets, schools and hospitals. However, we are always happy to provide gritting services to smaller commercial businesses in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex and North London.

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How good is your gritting contract?

It’s easy to roll on your gritting contract annually with the same gritting contractor but Clearway Gritting recommend you review the services and prices of other contractors before you do this to check your options.

Clearway Gritting offer several types of gritting contract to suit your business needs. For those businesses like hospitals and supermarkets or retail parks that need to be open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week we offer our comprehensive gritting package.

However, many businesses just want five days a week gritting package or a weekend only deal. Alternatively, we also organise a pay as you go package, so you only pay for your gritting when you need it, which can suit a smaller private business.

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Have you considered a longer-term gritting contract?

While it's crucial to review your gritting contract regularly to ensure it meets your immediate needs, it's equally important to consider the benefits of a longer-term arrangement. A longer-term contract can provide stability and potentially better rates, offering peace of mind not just for the upcoming winter but for seasons to come. By committing to a longer-term agreement with a reputable contractor like Clearway Gritting, businesses can secure consistent service and pricing, avoiding the hassle of renegotiating every year. Taking this proactive approach ensures that your business remains well-prepared for any winter challenges, allowing you to focus on your core operations without worrying about weather-related disruptions.

How reliable is your winter gritting contractor?

If you are setting up a gritting contract for the first time or thinking about renewing your gritting contract, an important consideration is the reliability of your gritting contractor. 

Clearway Gritting has been established since 2005 and is the largest winter gritting contractor working in the South East of England. Our experienced gritting teams have worked together for many years, so if you want a local gritting contractor – choose Clearway Gritting. We have gritting hubs in St Albans, Aylesbury, High Wycombe, Harlow, Huntingdon and Milton Keynes so your business will never be more than thirty minutes away from our gritting teams. We are confident that in bad weather we can get to you quickly and clear your premises of snow and ice.

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Why choose a large established gritting contractor?

Clearway Gritting teams use modern snow equipment so we can work quickly and efficiently to move snow from your premises. Our teams use the Vale snow box an adaptable clearing attachment for agricultural tractors and snow ploughs which move snow effectively. The Vale heavy duty snow ploughs move snow quickly which enables gritting to work.

Does your gritting contractor have salt supplies?

When our teams arrive in snowy conditions salt is added to melt the snow which makes it easier to move when our teams are out in bad weather. Due to the milder winter in 2023/24 Clearway Gritting has got excess salt supplies left over from this gritting season. However, this shows the importance of using an established contractor, as we buy in bulk and always have supplies. During the previous winter gritting season (2022/23) we experienced a record number of call outs to customers due to bad weather, so we made sure we ordered enough salt for this gritting season (2023/24). We have an established salt provider, so we don’t run out. The excess salt from the current season is stored under cover and kept dry so as not to dissolve. The salt will then be used in the next gritting season at the end of 2024, so as not to cause any waste of environmental damage or disposal. 

Anand Clarke, Managing Director Clearway Gritting, St Albans, Hertfordshire said: 

“The gritting season is exceptionally unpredictable as shown by the weather we experienced this year. The previous winter gritting season (2022/23) was our busiest ever, as there were many nights when temperatures dropped below zero and we treated company car parks, paths and private access roads so staff and customers could safely get to work or visit a business. 

Despite experiencing a milder winter this year, no one can predict what will happen to our weather later this year. That’s why we are contacting customers now to review their gritting contract, so they get the contract they need organised in time. Clearway Gritting offers a variety of different gritting contracts to suit your business needs.”

Don’t be complacent about the weather, or your gritting contract

Call our St Albans gritting team on 01727 640185 to discuss your requirements. We can compare your current gritting contract with our options, so you set up the best gritting deal available.

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