Clearway Gritting teams out gritting today

Clearway Gritting teams out gritting today

Clearway Gritting teams out as snow falls in many parts of the south east

Thursday 27 February, 2020

Clearway Gritting teams were out last night gritting roads and today clearing snow from business premises.  Our clients employ a winter gritting contractor so they can keep their business open when snow falls.  If you require a winter gritting contractor call our St Albans winter gritting team on 01727 851837

Our winter gritting teams clear snow from company car parks, paths, access roads and pavements so workers can travel to and from work safely.

What needs to happen for it to snow?

For it to snow we need cold air and a supply of moisture.  The cold air normally comes from the north or the east.  Northerly winds like those we are currently experiencing come from the arctic and travel across the cold sea.  Easterly winds are cold as they come from the interior of mainland Europe.  If we have high pressure cold air forms as temperatures fall due to the clear skies.  However, as the air travels over dry land it does not generally pick up moisture so cannot form snow and we enjoy cold dry weather instead.  If the cold air meets a weather front bringing rain it could turn into snow. Also, if air rises up a mountain where the atmosphere is colder it could condense to form cloud and precipitation.  Depending how cold the air is will determine whether it falls as rain or snow.

How can you forecast when snow will fall?

Peter Boniface, Operations Manager, Clearway Gritting, St Albans, Hertfordshire said:

‘It is very difficult for forecasters to know exactly where and when snow will fall.  This is because it is impossible to accurately predict where the air has come from.  Also, when warm air meets cold air it is hard to know if rain or snow will fall.  When we arrange our winter gritting schedule, we always pay close attention to the available weather forecasts and during the winter we check daily to see whether snow and ice is expected.  Our winter gritting teams that work from Clearway Gritting depots in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire and North London offer our clients winter gritting five, six or seven days a week.  We are used to going out to grit business premises at short notice when we get unexpected snow.  Our winter gritting teams are always available to grit our clients’ private roads, footpaths, car parks or paths as our main priority is to enable our clients to keep working through bad weather.’

Andrew Sherriff, Managing Director, Clearway Gritting, St Albans, Hertfordshire said:

 ‘Our advice is to be prepared for snow and employ a reliable winter gritting contractor.  When we experienced the bad winter weather from the ‘Beast from the East’ people were shocked, but this could easily happen again, and remember snow is not just likely to fall in January and February but because the weather is now so unpredictable we could get snowfall in March or early April.  It is not too late to organise a winter gritting contract for your business.  At Clearway Gritting we offer our clients the largest centralised winter gritting service in the south east of England.  We have been operating for sixteen years and work with a variety of businesses.  These include retail parks, industrial parks, supermarkets, hospitals and universities who want peace of mind that they can stay open despite the bad weather.  If you need a winter gritting contractor contact our St Albans winter gritting team now on 01727 851837, as it’s never too late to organise a winter gritting contract.  We will discuss your specific gritting requirements and recommend a plan to keep your business open this winter, whatever the weather.’


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