Winter Gritting Contractors 2022

2022 Winter Gritting Contracts

Thursday 24 February, 2022

It is never too late to organise a winter gritting contract or a car park gritting contract for your business. The recent storms that the UK experienced is evidence of our changing weather patterns. It is important that your business is prepared for bad weather and has a gritting contractor ready to come out and grit your car park, access roads and pavements if we experience snow and ice this winter.

Call us now to organise a winter gritting contract

If your business hasn’t organised a winter gritting contract for 2022 it’s not too late. Call our winter gritting team in St Albans on 01727 851837 to discuss your winter gritting options. Our team will offer you a personalised gritting contract suitable for your business needs.

Prepare your business for another ‘Beast from the East’

It’s only a few days before the four-year anniversary of the ‘Beast from the East’. On 22nd February 2018 the UK was battered by winter weather, in the form of low temperatures and heavy snowfall. This caused travel chaos across the South East. When we have heavy snowfall or dangerous icy conditions you need a winter gritting contract in place, as it’s too late to call us as our Clearway gritters are already out assisting customers. It’s important that you organise a winter gritting contractor ahead of any bad weather.

Don’t gamble on mild winter weather – protect your colleagues

It’s very easy to postpone organising your gritting contract and assume that the weather will stay mild, but our weather is unpredictable. Even in January 2022 when temperatures were low but there was no snow, our gritting teams were out gritting our client’s car parks and paths to ensure they were free of ice for their staff and customers. All businesses have a duty of care to protect their colleagues when they are at work. As a business owner you are responsible for all your colleague’s health and safety when they are on your company premises. Whether this involves regularly gritting the company car park to stop ice building up or removing ice from paths to prevent slipping, call Clearway Gritting as we can assist you.

Clearway offer a 2022 winter gritting contract suitable for your company

At Clearway Gritting we offer all our customers personalised gritting contracts, whether you manage a small private business, operate an industrial park a retail park or manage a supermarket we can provide gritting services. If you set up a winter gritting contract for 2022 our gritting teams will contact your business and assess your requirements to keep your business premises free from ice and snow and prevent accidents at work.  

Our gritting contractors understand you don’t want to pay for gritting when you don’t need it, so we offer a variety of winter gritting contracts to choose from so you always have peace of mind that your business can always operate safely. We offer a pay per visit gritting service. If you sign up to a winter gritting contract you know if we experience another ‘Beast from the East’ our gritting team will attend your premises. Alternatively, if you want a more comprehensive gritting package, we offer a five day a week winter gritting service, so we attend your premises and clear your car park, paths, road access Monday-Friday. If your business is open at all times, we also offer 24-hour winter gritting to assist you.

Car park gritting contracts for 2022

Some of our customers just want to organise car park gritting and Clearway Gritting can provide a service for both the public and private sector in Bedfordshire, London, Hertfordshire, or Buckinghamshire. We provide car park gritting services for council car parks, university car parks, company car parks, shopping centre car parks and business park car parks. We can service any size of company car park and we react quickly to any customers who have multistorey car parks where their top deck has frozen and requires gritting.

Choose Clearway Gritting for your 2022 winter gritting contract

Clearway Gritting is a family-owned winter gritting company based in the southeast of England, but we are also the largest gritting contractor working in the southeast. We don’t outsource our gritting contracts but have many local winter gritting teams working for our customers who are experienced and trained to use our gritting machinery.  

In Summary...

Take out a 2022 Winter Gritting Contract or Car Park Gritting Contract early, at the end of this season’s winter weather, and before the bad winter weather arrives to guarantee that your employees and customers can safely access all areas of your business premises.  

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Preventative and reactive car park gritting services to the private and public sectors in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, London and the South East. Our car park gritting vehicles are always prepared and ready to provide service at very short notice, often within 1 hour of an initial request.

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